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Q. How do I know which Canopy/Tent size to rent?

See below for helpful hints on choosing canopy/tent size:

Helpful Hints in Choosing Canopy Size

Canopy Size Chairs 8' Tables-Seating 8 5' Rounds-Seating 8
10x10 20 2=16 seats 1=8 seats
20x20 66 6=48 seats 6=48 seats
20x30 100 8=64 seats 6=48 seats
20x40 133 10=80 seats 8=64 seats
30x30 150 12=96 seats 8=64 seats
30x30 150 12=96 seats 8=64 seats
30x45 225 18=144 seats 13=104 seats
30x60 300 24=192 seats 18=140 seats
30x75 375 30=240 seats 23=184 seats
30x90 450 36=288 seats 28=224 seats
30x105 525 42=336 seats 33=264 seats
30x120 600 48=384 seats 38=304 seats
30x135 675 54=432 seats 43=344 seats
30x150 750 60=480 seats 48=384 seats
30x165 825 66=4528 seats 53=424 seats
30x180 900 72=576 seats 58=464 seats
30x195 975 78=624 seats 63=504 seats
30x210 1050 84=672 seats 68=544 seats
40x40 266 20=160 seats 16=128 seats
40x60 399 30=256 seats 24=192 seats
40x80 532 40=320 seats 32=256 seats
40x100 665 50=400 seats 40=320 seats
40x120 798 60=480 seats 48=384 seats
40x140 931 70=560 seats 56=448 seats


Q. How much for additional rental days?

If you would like your rentals for more than the one day rental, each additional day is only 25% of the rental rate, per day, for however many days you need.

Q. What do we need to know before setting up tent?

When setting a tent, there are stakes that pound into the ground. It is necessary to know if there is anything buried in the area that the tent will go (i.e. sewer, electrical, sprinkler systems, cable, etc). Gopher One is a free resource for this – call 811

Q. How do I make a reservation?

In order to make a reservation, we ask for 25% down at the time of the reservation.  That 25% is non-refundable.  The remaining balance can be paid however you so choose on the day you pick it up; or, for deliveries, must be paid in full by the day prior to the delivery.

Q. What if I need to cancel?

In the event of a cancellation, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so that we have the opportunity to rent out the items you no longer need.   And, a reminder, the 25% deposit that was given at the time of the reservation is non-refundable.

Q. How do I pick up and drop off?

Items can be picked up anytime during normal business hours on the day that you schedule your pick up. The drop off times are also anytime during our normal business hours on the scheduled day. Items need to be returned in they way they were received.